• Posted in the Citadel, Downtown and Old Town alike!

    She draws her sword with a thunderclap,
    And brings it down the same,
    She offers hand to all who ask,
    The young, the old, the lame!

    A spirit born of braver things:
    Compassion and good graces,
    Her voice a-booming 'cross the hills,
    Just like the storms she chases!

    She sunders bone with righteous might,
    And drives the undead out!
    She bled upon the cobblestones,
    To cease the shit they spout!

    Raise your ale and give good cheer!
    Raise your sword without a fear!
    Stick close to noble Thundersword,
    For glory's always near.

    ~Penny Dreadful
    Dedicated to Lady Elestra Thundersword.

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