Goods of The Treasure House

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    The Treasure House presents its first batch of treasure for the pleasure of the local adventuring community.

    The Golden Greatsword - [+1d4 fire damage] 5000 Gold Coins.
    The Helm of the Wizard Knight - [Paladin/Wizard Slot 1/+3 Discipline/spellcraft/lore +1 spellcraft] 7500 Gold Coins.
    Some Breastplate [5/2 +1 ac +2 vs poison +2 reflex +3 Discipline/Tumble/Intimidate 24lb] 3000 Gold Coins.
    A Chain Shirt [4/4 +1 ac +2 ac vs good BF: Dodge 12 Spell Resistance 24lb] 3000 Gold Coins.
    A Club [+1d6 bludgeoning damage 1d8 massive criticals] 2000 Gold Coins.
    A Lucky Amulet [+1 Universal Saving Throws] 2000 Gold Coins.
    A Claw of the Son of the Sands [Magic Reagent] 5000 Gold Coins.
    Some Helmet [-1 cha -5 AE OUB Evil Cleric/Druid/Ranger, +5 Spot,Listen,MS 1/day Awaken/ultravision] 7500 Gold Coins
    Loincloth [0/0 -4 int 5/+1 25% DI vs pierce+slash OUB: Orc, Half Orc, Chaotic, Neutral, Rogue, Cleric, Druid, Fighter, Paladin, Ranger, do not use if monk] 7500 Gold Coins
    That Other Mace [Slay Racial Group Undead - DC14, OUB Cleric/Paladin, no damage] 7500 Gold Coins
    Owlbear Skull [Reagent for an Alteration] 5000 Gold Coins
    Stoneskin Potions 500 Gold Coins Each
    A Holy Token of Hronk [Holy Memorabilia] 2000 Gold Coins
    A Kukri [+2 enhancement] 10000 Gold Coins
    Champion Plate [+1 ac +2vs half orc/orc, 10% Slashing DI, +1 vs fear, +1 fort] 10000 Gold Coins
    Some Gloves [+1 ab, +1d4 fire damage 5/- Fire Damage] 2000 Gold Coins
    Masterwork Dwarf Plate [+1 ac +2 vs giant +2 vs Dragon 10% DI vs bludgeoning] 3000 Gold Coins
    Cloak of Seduction [+1 CHA, +4 bluff/persuade] 3000 Gold Coins

    Goods are sold on a first come first served basis, letters are to be tendered to the Estate in the Fine Hall's for 'The Treasure House' any requests written on this poster will not be answered or given any priority.

    Check back regularly for updates.

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