Letter: Arabel Militia - Bloodstones and users

  • Honored defenders of Arabel,
    I place in your capable hands evidence of wrong doing in regards to use or manufacturing of bloodstones. Notify me if you need help bringing them to justice.

    Lady Elestra Thundersword

    @gloomy_sunday said in Elestra Thundersword:

    Vorigan the Arisen uses bloodstones.

    You can bring my gold coin reward to shylocks.

    I would sell You some but at 50 gold a stone I'd be losing out. But since you are a noble I will cut you a good deal.

    Vorigan the Arisen

    @solarfall said in Elestra Thundersword:

    [Sent via a runner from Old Town]

    It is no secret the Archprelates involve themselves in the creation and supply of Bloodstones and Bleakstones.

    Ours, however, are created via the removal of blood from priests and converted into energy that fuels the labours of the common man in his quest for superiority, and protection against the troubles that face them daily on the streets of Old Town.

    Not even you can argue the merits of an old man being able to defend himself against a cutpurse, or some mushroom-haze fuelled miscreant.

    • Yuri Mharet, the Godless.

  • Lady Thundersword,

    Its pleasing but not surprising to see a noble of your stature taking the charge in addressing the problem of bloodstone and its users.

    Vorigan is in our list as an associate of Wyrmlocke and also, last I met him, his transformation to becoming an undead knight was in process, his flesh had already started to rot.

    We would surely like to get our hands on this man and put him in stock for good. Any help from your esteemed self is always welcome. Same with the Archprelates, We will like to get this gang eliminated from Old town

    Sergent Snyden

  • Sergeant,
    You have my outmost support. While I carry not a uniform, I shall share the burden of defending the good people of Arabel alongside you. Perhaps I could join you on patrol at some point? If I am to become warden one day, I must learn what you do, so that I know how I can be the commander you deserve, and who can help you in your duties.

    Elestra Thundersword

  • Lady Thundersword,

    One of our men was killed by Malarite gang in Hullack, if not for the Finn, who raised her from death, I would have lost Private Ysolt.
    I need your support and that of House Bhalir to hunt these dogs and make an example of touching one of our men. This will also support your case of Warden, to stand up for Militia.

    I request your aid in this endeavor. I am aware that Lord Bhalir struck an uneasy and fickle deal with the Malarites to end the meat shortage which was driving Arabel and Eveningstar to starvation but things have changed with these scums touching my men. I dare not challenge Lord Bhalirs wisdom, for his intent was to save hundreds from starvation by bowing to the fancy of these dogs, but I cannot let attack and murder of my men go unaccounted for I always knew any diplomatic route with these uncivilized barbarians will not yield any result.

    They also have the intention to wipe out Eastway and other civilization including Arabel by turning everything into forest with the help of Malar Avatar

    Sergent Snyden

  • Sergeant,
    I see an abundance of criminal activity, yet I rarely see the Militia acting. Are you too taxed for man power, or what else do you need, that we can provide you? Are the laws a hindrance, your lack of authority stopping you, or is it resources and man power you struggle with?

    Speak your needs, and I shall bring them before Lord Hawklins council. As to the man Ironfoot, I have yet to see a wanted poster for him, or the crimes of his minions. Will the warden not approve it, do you lack investigators to bring you information, or what is holding you back?

    If I am to be your friend and ally, you must share the information with me, in a way that I can do something about them.

    If it is man power, I shall help you recruit, or don the uniform myself if I must.

    Lady Thundersword

  • Lady Thundersword,

    At the very outset, I have no intention of insulting a noble, but my words if they are curt, I will humbly ask your forgiveness, for lesser individuals like me do not have the wisdom nor foresight that a noble of your stature is gifted with.

    Where do you see abundance in Criminal Activity ? Downtown or Citadel ? As far I know, we deal with petty crimes of minor assault or insult to nobility. I am fully confident that there is no criminal activity in these areas which are under the care of Militia.

    Criminal activity are ripe in old town with various gangs and also with Gilded gents, a gang of thieves who have come to prominence with their own code . Authority of Militia has been curtailed not cause of Ability but from the orders of Lord Hawklin who asked me to stay away from Old town on the request of your betrothed, Lord Bhalir, who wanted his house to control the law and order of Old town. I was asked by Lord Hawlkin to step in if I found that Bhalir House was not capable of maintaining such, now since you have expressed concern over the lawless and criminal activity, perhaps its time for me act, but this will result in crushing any who oppose Militia presence in old town, my dilemma in this case is should I or should I not knowing do an act which will result in bloodshed but result in bringing order in old town

    Coming to warrant on Ironfoot, it was Lord Bhalir who struck a truce with this lycan for he didnt want Arabel to fight two front battle considering Wyrmlocke is still at large and making enemy of Ironfoot will bleed Arabel, for even now he blames Militia for Wyrmlockes being at Large.

    So this time, I am heeding to your betrothed advice but the charges are ready and will be used by Militia at our discretion when we want such a warrant to be issued at the opportune time.

    Now you may want to consider the jurisdiction of Militia too, considering the Lords have decided Militia does not have any business in Old town, but yes they should be blamed for the shit that happens there and also that outside of Arabel, the law is governed by Purple dragons, I am to say that we have been given Citadel and Downtown to manage.

    The problem lies from commoners and Nobles thinking we are bunch of corrupt idiots eating away on the taxes of Arabel to be ridiculed and blamed at every instance.

    Sergent Snyden

  • Sergeant Snyden,
    Lord Foril Bhaliir is a dear personal friend, yet he is not my betroved in any way. I penned my missive, due to seeing a large increase in activity amongst the gangs, and outside the city walls. Thus, I ask what we the council of Lord Hawklin, can do to ensure Arabel is kept safe, and that the militia have the tools necessary to handle any and all threats coming their way. Do not take it as an insult, that is not my intent.

    As to what deals Lord Bhaliir strikes, I am not privy to them, as he is a friend, but a lord of his own house. You must always do as you feel is right.

    Lady Elestra Thundersword

  • Lady Thundersword,
    I have plans and alliance needs to be built. Let's talk in private

    Sergent Snyden

  • Sergeant,

    I have been looking for you, but not finding you. I am looking forward to our private talk however. To ensure I am not arrested, the tally of bloodstones collected is now well past 100, and the crates are beginning to challenge my mobility. I have however found a potential way of releasing the bloodstones, so I ask that you do keep the ones you and your privates confiscate on you, so that once we begin the journey to release them, that we can bring as many souls as possible. The more, the greater the deed.

    How does your work on swaying the militia to my side progress? The more you help me, the more I shall help you in return.

    - Lady Elestra Thundersword

  • Lady Thundersword,

    You can show this letter authorizing you to temporarily hold these bloodstones till you get a private to hand it over.

    I will hasten to meet with you.

    Sergent Snyden

    //Sorry RL is busy, will try to login today and try to meet with you