Hagitha, The Hag Queen.

  • [A few parchments are left in swamps, bogs, marshes and wherever else a hag might live]

    Hagitha / Hags / whatever else lives here.

    I understand from the bleatings of one of our city rats that you are eating halflings, or stuffing them with goblin meat?

    Good form, I say. Good form.

    I'll bring you all the halflings you can eat in exchange for whatever hag-like power you can offer in return, plus the enjoyment of seeing halflings getting butchered and eaten - hopefully alive. If you will let me watch while you do it I'll bring you something extra special, maybe a small child? Boy or girl, you can decide there are plenty to go around

    Do get back to me if you can, I currently reside at Shylocks Inn nestled in the bosom of the Old Town of Arabel.

    Yours, respectfully

    • Yuri Mharet the Godless, the Racist and everything in between.