Letter to Thunderholme Embassy

  • Honored Embassy,

    Permit me to introduce myself. I'm Faenor Freya, of Clan Farthrow. Alongside Sonnlinor Hraltuc of Clan Eisiden, we've taken a leadership role in guiding the adventurer dwarves within Arabel in accordance with the best interests of our people, and the Morndinsamman.

    To be to the point, I wish to know what would be required to acquire two chunks of Rosegold. I was approached by a local halfling named Finn, who wanted two samples. Given the material's reputation as being useful against aberrations, I can only assume his plans include warring against one.

    If needed, I can obtain further information help your decision. With the Sonnlinor being indisposed, it falls to me to ask on behalf of the dwarven adventurers.

    Freya Farthrow