Package at the Wailing Fog: Hagitha

  • [A package containing a heart-shaped pie, filled with poison and explosives is delivered to the Wailing Fog, near the Hag's Cauldron.]

    Dear Hagitha,

    Please enjoy this fine treat for lovers day I made for you.


  • A halfling girl, stuffed with minced goblin meat, with a candied apple in her mouth is left at the Cauldron the next night.

    Dear Finn,

    I knew we'd grow to love one another.


  • [Places a halfling scarecrow dressed in his own clothings, cowled, surrounded by deadly electrical, fire and acid traps in the Wailing Fog, while shouting and placing notes around it.]

    Come, come, Hagitha. Come here by your lovely cauldron and give me a kiss. Just run, don't look anywhere but at me and embrace me like you'll never let me go!