Elestra Thundersword

  • Vorigan the Arisen uses bloodstones.

    You can bring my gold coin reward to shylocks.

    I would sell You some but at 50 gold a stone I'd be losing out. But since you are a noble I will cut you a good deal.

    Vorigan the Arisen

  • Bastard of Deschurr,
    Do you think your wicked ways impresses me? I shall find a way to bring you to repent your ways, or bring justice for the innocent lives you threaten with your malice. You just earned yourself a nemesis for life, Vorigan Corpse humper. A storm shall descent upon you, and I, I shall be bringing the thunder! Your story has been written in blood, but I shall be the one who writes your ending.

    Elestra Thundersword
    Future Bane of Vorigan the Wicked