A letter left in the sewer factory

  • Whoever owns this - I broke in and left you some gifts in your chest. Don't get to excited its nothing fancy - just some silver and bronzes and a little "Fuel" for this factory of yours.

    I'd like to talk terms about this wonderful Gond forge you have here. Seek me out and I think we can come to agreement that would benefit you well. If I get no reply soon I will presume that in fact no one currently resides here and take it.

    If you don't want to share it - better to still have a meeting. I'm no thief and won't take it by force. Nor will I share who the current owner is with others. I had the opportunity to take it with your own ore. So I expect to at least get the favor of a meeting.

    If you just change the password and don't even bother to entertain me with a meeting in exchange for my gifts I'll take it as an insult and take it anyways.


  • Storyteller [DM]


    I currently run the factory.

    Find me to discuss sharing the place with me and using the golem manufacturer.

    Seeker Ampharen, Church of Gond