Deena Dawncharm's Journal


    My first client is Yurin, aka "Keg," a dwarven man with a peculiar condition.

    It seems that when Yurin is in the presence of magical items, he has a compulsion to eat them. Apparently, this compulsion extends to living things. Well. Not necessarily living. Beholder corpses, for example.

    Yurin is a werepig, cursed by a hag for some foul purpose. Or possibly amusement. He is one of two survivors of a caravan that was attacked by the hags. The other survivor is his son, who is still held captive.

    As a first job, it's more than I ever could have wished for. I'm so happy.

    The job is:
    1) Find information on the local hags. Names, numbers, hideouts, etc.
    2) Find out whether Kegson is still alive. (It occurs to me I have no idea what Yurin's sons name is, so I'm going to call him Kegson.)
    3) Find a way to break the curse on Yurin.
    4) Most importantly, DON'T GET CURSED BY HAGS.

    Some notes:
    - A weird dragon-looking guy with extremely good fashion sense also listened to Yurin's story. He seems to be the head of the local mage guild. He asked me to bring him sanguine blood. I guess I will if I happen to stumble across any but it's probably not worth going out of my way to look for it. Which means I probably won't find any.
    - I was told that someone named Daxx knows a lot about hags and that I should seek his advice.
    - That guy who wants someone to kill his wife should know something about hags considering his wife is one. I hope that's not just a figure of speech.



    I've spoken to Finn. I expect he'll be someone worth getting to know for reasons beyond this job.

    Finn was cursed some time ago by the aptly-named Hagitha. Apparently, she considered dancing with her to be a proposal. She kidnaps him regularly to do things I certainly don't want to imagine.

    The Hag Queen Deriza was killed recently and it seems that Hagitha has taken her place. According to Finn, she claims the Wailing Fogs and the Hullack as her territory. As for numbers, he says hags multiply faster than rabbits.

    As payment for this information, I've offered to help Finn kill Hagitha. It seems that a hag curse can be broken by killing the caster. Very helpful information. Unfortunately, I now have to fight hags.

    The job is now:
    1) Find out whether Kegson is still alive.
    2) Gather a group to attack the hags.
    3) Identify and kill the hag who cursed Yurin. (I sure hope it was Hagitha because that would make this job a lot less complicated.)
    4) Kill Hagitha.
    5) Continue not getting cursed by hags.


    Arabel Militia
    The militia. Of Arabel. The citizens seem to have very little faith in them. Not permitted in Old Town.

    Goals: Be a militia

    Known members: Lord Hawklin (warden), Sergeant Ricardo Snyden, Private Ysolt Argenta

    Brotherhood of the Archprelates
    Human supremacists, gods-haters, bloodstone dealers, possible bloodstone manufacturers.

    Goals: Eliminate religious factions. Have bloodstones. Ban poetry?

    Known members: Yuri Mharet (aka the Godless, the Chosen of Man, Piglet)
    Suspected members: Daughter of Man (all but confirmed)

    Clar Bandans
    Worshipers of the Dread Queen. Based out of Old Town.

    Goals: Rid Old Town of House Bhalir

    Known members: Vorigan (aka the Arisen, the Disgraced Drunkard)

    The Church of Akadi
    Church of the goddess of air and freedom.

    Goals: Rebuild and resettle Tilverton.

    Known members: Mistral Ophirae Miavyre

    The Gilded Gents
    Thieves' guild? Leader signs their bulletins as King Cassiel (stylized this way).

    Goals: Bring order to Old Town. Eliminate bloodstone traders. Likely motivated by morals.

    Known members: Finn
    Suspected members: Claeryss, Ben

    The Golden Guard
    Mercenary band.

    Goals: Make money I guess

    Known members: Vindo, Ibrahim, Gale, Merrick

    House Bhalir
    Noble house residing in Old Town.

    Goals: Bring order to Old Town under the banner of nobility. Likely not motivated by morals.

    Known members: Lord Foril Bhalir, Priestess Elodie Ledoux
    Suspected members: Bernard Huxley

    The Mage's Guild
    Led (I think) by a very fashionable half-dragon.

    Goals: Unknown

    Known members: Atticus the half-dragon
    Suspected members: Claeryss

    Unknown affiliations

    Bernard Huxley
    Got possessed by an evil sword one time. I shot arrows at him afterward because 5000 lyons sounded pretty nice. I missed. I think he forgave me. Possibly is a member of House Bhalir. Definitely is at least on their payroll.

    Elestra Thundersword
    Uppity noble. Unknown whether she has any retainers. Heavily invested in the eradication of the bloodstone trade. Might hold a grudge against me for insulting her/speaking the damn truth. Oh well.

    Werepanther. I've heard rumours there are other lycans in the city.
    Note: Find out if Yurin knows him.

    The Red Lady
    Nothing is known.