Delivered to Finn

  • You know I am grateful for what you did for me, but if you took advantage of my state to steal from me, things will not be well between us. I want my things back and nothing done with them in the meantime. You want me where I am and you want me as a friend to you and yours. On the off chance that my suspicion of you is misplaced, my things fell into the hands of our mutual enemy on your watch and that is bad for both of us.

    If someone were to drop off my belongings anonymously, there would be no way to know who sent them to me and no reason for me to not think I was mistaken for believing them stolen.

    You have until I come looking and that will be soon.

    -- Y

  • Hey Ysolt,

    Are you okay? I don't have your things. What I had I've given back to you, including your gold.
    If something is misplaced, its in the forest where you were killed or with someone else.


  • Think about the most important things someone in my position has on their person. One was in a latched box, so certainly it didn't just fall out.
    -- Ys.

  • I'm not very good at the guessing games. What was it? Do you wish us to locate it?


  • My badge, prison key, and searching device. Losing one would be concerning, but understandable in the hubbub. Losing all three and nothing else is obviously intentional. I hope you're not playing games with me here Finn. You've bold-faced lied to me before. I need them back.

  • Oh boy, I better talk to the folks that were there then and see if I can recover those keys. I'll let you know, give me one day.


  • [A box containing two clean keys arrive for Ysolt.]

    Well, took less than a day, Ysolt. Your keys were left in the bag where you were... Well, you know. They were alongside healing kits and other useless stuff nobody bothered to pick up. No sign of your searching device, I'd just buy one from Temon if I were you.