My prank on Phil (MrPenguin) after the CoA Alestorm meetup

  • The story here is that Appearently Penguin's sister said she had somewhat of a crush on me after he showed her some pictures, so i trolled him for a bit asking for her phone number and he sent me her facebook and told me to just message her. And i decided to do so....:

    Hello Phil's sister. Will you help me pull a little harmless prank on your brother? 馃檪

    Emma Randles accepted your request.
    Emma Randles
    Let the games begin 馃槀

    Will send you instrctions in a bit

    Ok... here is what i want you to do...

    I want you to google some random, nasty dickpic and save it to your phone. Then go to your brother and show it to him and ask what kind of fucked up friends he tells to message you on facebook!

    For dramatoc effect you can also lie to him that i said something creepy, i'll let you make up what 馃槢

    And i want you to act fucking FURIOUS. Can you do that? Haha. And dont tell him it's a pranl until he talks to me

    Sound good?

    You have to sell the angry bit

    Emma Randles
    Oh I will don't worry x I am just out at the moment so when I get in I will cause a row ... now to keep this real I am gonna have to find your penis pik on pornhub or something because Google ain't got any diks 馃槀

    What?? Google needs to step up their dick game! Cant wait to hear how angry he will be, hahaha

    Emma Randles:
    Is this one of them that secretly our Philip knows that this is a prank and that it is in fact me who is being prankd 馃槀

    Oh no
    I want him to be FURIOUS

    Emme Randles:
    Ok which dick seems to say you...

    (Dick pics edited out, sorry TwistingWind and Kham)

    Option 1

    Option 2

    Option 3

    3 for sure

    Can't believe phil's sister is sending me dickpics

    Emme Randles:
    Are you sure.. I'm kinda liking 2 馃ぃ

    maybe if i went out naked in the snow i could pass for #2

    Emme Randles:
    2 it is then 馃槀

    But otherwise, i cannot in good conciense agree to 2

    Emme Randles:
    Ok I will settle for 3

    Emme Randles:
    I was trying to find one with a Viking hat on it 馃ぃ
    (pic edited out)


    that one looks extremely cozy

    Emme Randles:
    I would get that even for my penis 馃崒

    a woman of good taste i see

    NOW... it was just time to wait for Mr. Penguin to message me.....and he did not disappoint:

    [6:12 PM] MrPenguin - Phil: Jesus fucking christ Jon
    [6:12 PM] CitizenBane: What?
    [6:12 PM] MrPenguin - Phil: Did you actually send a picture of your dick to my sister
    [6:12 PM] CitizenBane: AAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA, tell her how angry you are right now
    [6:13 PM] MrPenguin - Phil: I dont give a shit
    [6:13 PM] MrPenguin - Phil: She does
    [6:13 PM] MrPenguin - Phil: Because she was out with her boyfriend
    [6:13 PM] MrPenguin - Phil: And got aa picture of some dudes dick
    [6:13 PM] MrPenguin - Phil: Im pissed thats shes pissed
    [6:13 PM] MrPenguin - Phil: Otherwise- I couldnt care
    [6:13 PM] CitizenBane: look in the group chat
    [6:15 PM] CitizenBane: 鉂

  • Very nice cb. I would expect nothing less.

  • god damn it

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  • Oh my god this is gold.

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