Children of Moradin

  • Race: Dwarf

    Alignment: Lawful Good preferred, any acceptable

    Classes: All

    Deity: Morndinsamman (Dwarf Gods), others case-by-case basis

    Overview: Hello, all! I'm hoping to get some things rolling with those of the Stout Folk, aka dwarves! A bunch of us have already met up IG but there's always room for more dwarves. Just contact me IG, I play Freya of Clan Farthrow!

    If you've contacted me already, please send me your forum name so I can keep track and add you to the dwarf forum I'll be requesting later!

    As for our plots, well. We don't have a faction main plot! We help YOU and devise our own while helping others and advancing the dwarven causes. We're very accepting of plots and just being dwarves, doing dwarven things!

  • Admin [DM]

    I support Dorfs!

  • I'm loving all the dwarves popping up lately! We've got some big things on the horizon and just had a nice event in Dwarf Disneyland! So hop above and let's get dwarfing in here!

  • Much love to all of the dwarves showing up. I'd love to see more! I can be contacted here or IG!

  • As you might've seen, we rescued the Paragon of Moradin last night! We're happily taking on more dwarves and people can EIG the status of Dwarf-Friend! We have an official clergy cleric and a sizable group. It's Mighty Morphin' Dorfin Time!

  • Still plenty of plots to go around for Dwarves, though none are DM-driven plots once the Paragon one is cleared up, no one's saying there won't be more!
    Join your fellow Dwarves in being extremely lawful, or extremely unlawful but lying about being lawful.

    From Runemaster Wizards seeking to perfect their art to Dwarven Defender-wannabes, there's room for all!

  • Fat Yurin wants friends!