Letter for The Dawncharm Detective Agency

  • Detective,

    This may be boring work but I need intel on the Archprelates. I can provide 1000gp up front and all expenses covered. Bonuses beyond the 1000gp retainer:

    • Names, occupations & affiliations of those entering Archprelate held territory on friendly terms. 100gp/per + bonus if you know the reason for their meeting.
    • Information on how they're getting their Bloodstones. General info/rumor:100gp. Individual supplier name and/or location and time of a sale/delivery going down- 1000-3000gp depending how high up the chain the individual involved is.
    • Information on their agents working alongside the adventuring class. I have seen one woman who works outside their territory in the north and sometimes adventures alongside free agents in the city... "something something daughter of man" I think she goes by. Information on her and others like her's likes/dislikes/fears/weaknesses/who she does business with/illegal activities/where she eats/sleeps/who she flirts with/how many bloodstones she eats in a day.. whatever. 500gp for a thorough workup on her.

    If you think you might have anything else that relates to them please offer a deal.

    For the Old Town code,

    Vindo Beristan

    The Golden Guard
    Assistant to Advisor Gale
    Squire to Merrick the Bold

  • To Vindo Beristan of the Golden Guard,

    Thank you for your interest in the Dawncharm Detective Agency! We are happy to accept this job.

    If you would like to meet to discuss the information you already have on the Archeprelates, it would help a lot. Make a sending for me when you are ready and I will meet you at Shylock's (or somewhere else if you would prefer). In the meantime, I will keep an ear out.

    Deena Dawncharm
    Dawncharm Detective Agency