Gilded Gents

  • Greetings,

    We should meet and discuss a course of action for freeing the souls in the bloodstones. That amount will require a good deal of flames for holy purification. We will need a suitable location for such.

    Also, I have an idea for solving your hag problem, with a dastardly TRAP, and we will make her burn.


  • *After her daily morning tour around the many places people leave their letters for the Gents, a certain Siren dispels the illusion of invisibility around herself and sits to pen a reply... *

    Greetings and well met,

    It is a personal sorrow to relate to you that souls within a bloodstone cannot be "freed" to the extent of current knowledge. They are already shattered, destroyed, within - with only the phantom of a sentience or none at all... And the only way to "free" them, thus, is to utilize the bloodstone, which finalizes the process of oblivion. The Citadel and our warehouses keep them, however, in hopes that one day there'll be further arcane advancements and discoveries so that should one day a process of reversal be available, the souls rescued may yet meet their ever-after...
    The possibility remains, however, distant.

    One does not remove a disease by curing only the symptoms, faithful of Kossuth, and should you stand by our side we shall see the streets of Old Town purified from this nefarious trade by blood and by fire... So that no soul ever meets that fate again.

    You will be contacted and your ideas heard,

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