[Missive] The Golden Guard

  • Greetings lads (and Gale),

    There is currently a foul orc tribe who worship Yurtrus occupying the Hullacks and spreading undead and disease, as well as destroying some of the trails. In order to take care of them, I need you to do me a few favors.

    • There is a smaller tribe of animating orcs in the Swamps. Bring me their relic to look at, and then deliver it to the gnome in Downtown who will study it.
    • A nymph in the Hullacks has requested aid. Some hags made off with the trinket of a former lover of hers. If you bring back that trinket, she will provide me with knowledge of the lay of the land.
    • The son of a tribal chieftain in the Hullacks - he's camped out near where the roads intersect - claims his father has been sending men and slaves to the Yurtrus in exchange for magic. Liberate his people. Be prepared to face an entire fortress of them though.
    • Once this tribe has been sufficiently weakened, I will go with you to take out their leader.

    In exchange for seeing to these tasks, you will be granted a minor discount on the wands I produce. There will also be a strong opportunity going forward to increase said discount.


    // Please provide me with screenshots of you finishing each task.

  • This contract has been accepted, pending a discussion of pay/rewards as the suggestion a mere discount is unacceptable. The going rates of a Golden Guard Mercenary are posted, however our rates are also negotiable.

    We will iron out details in person, and put words to paper.

    Merrick, of the Golden Guard, has offered to be on point for this as he's well versed in the squealing of orcs, undead, and other filth.