Lord Warden Hawklin

  • [A copy of this poster is sent directly to the Lord Warden's Office]

    Honored Lord Warden Hawklin,

    The fair and beautiful Lady Elestra Thundersword asked me to send this to your desk personally, and even after a short time knowing her, it is clear that she is as capable as she looks, and dedicated to making this amazing City as great as it can be. I assure you that, while I was paid for this, this letter is nothing but an honest opinion of the incredible Lady, and a testament to your ability of finding the perfect candidates for positions within your offices.

    I can only assure you that there is no finer choice for the successor to the position you hold so exquisitely.

    Walk in justice, the honored Lord Warden Hawklin

    Cliff Hutchingson,
    Attorney at Law

    Cliff Hutchingson - Attorney at Law Legal Offices™

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