- The Priesthunters -

  • [Found displaced in Old Town, Downtown and some even creep into the Citadel]

    The Silence has rocked the thrones of the Gods and left them teetering on the brink of destruction.

    When the offering prayer to the divine slavers ceases, they shall wither and die - only then can Man himself rise to the heights he truly deserves.

    I hereby establish a band of free-thinkers named the Priesthunters, paid men who's aim is to cut off the source of sustenance to the gods by way of their prayer and financial offering.

    We shall empty their coffers and give to the common man.
    We shall empty their veins of their polluted, divine blood.
    We shall pull down their towers and crush the rubble under our boots, housing the needy in their keeps.
    We shall find the Divine Spark, and we shall destroy their gods with it.

    The Age of Man is at hand, free from oppression and slavery.

    • Yuri Mharet, The Godless, The Enlightened.
      Brotherhood of the Archprelates

  • We shall be leading exploration to locate the bones of Saint Darmos which are rumoured to have purifying priorities.

    The first step in our ability to remove eleven and orcan blood from those humans stricken with the disease of mixed race.

    Enquiries and information to be sent to Shylocks

    • Yuri Mharet

  • [Kept prominent here and there]