The Dawncharm Detective Agency!

  • [Several copies of this poster are put up around Old Town]

    When in need of legal or confidential advice, contact the Dawncharm Detective Agency!

    Need someone found? A lost item retrieved? Esoteric secrets revealed? Dawncharm is here to help!

    Our starting rate is 100 lyons per day plus the cost of supplies. The rate may increase depending on the difficulty/danger of the job.

    Currently seeking business partners!

    Contact Deena Dawncharm at The Grinning Goat for inquiries!

    NOTE: The Dawncharm Detective Agency is proud to support the Old Town Code!

  • [These posters are kept up. Copies are placed around Downtown and the Citadel. Only the ones in Old Town mention the Old Town Code.]

  • [These posters are taken down.]