• [posters are put up around the Citadel, Downtown, and Old Town]

    This City of Arabel has not shown or stated that they can actually purify bloodstones. Who knows what purpose those trapped souls are used for in experimentations, and how many are lost in such research!

    The only TRUE way to purify the bloodstones and FREE THE SOULS is to BURN the stones in the name of the FIRELORD KOSSUTH.

    BURNES, Faithful of KOSSUTH

  • [Scrawled under one of the postings in Old Town]

    Bring your religious ramblings to our door again and I will burn you alive and "purify" your soul myself.

    • The Godless

  • Builders Guild

    [note tucked beneath it.]

    The Gilded Gents have amassed hundreds, if not thousands, of those bloodstones. We would very much like to see them destroyed. Send for our associates.

    King Cassiel

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