Missive: Golden Guard

  • Esolen, Ibrahim.

    While the negotiations with the Cobbled Demon progress, I want all efforts on undermining the Archprelates. Break into their safehouses, interrupt their trade routes, make sure they pay for using bloodstones and bleakstones to keep their false idea of the perfect men.


  • Well.

    We hit them today, and hard. Dead, every one of them.

    word has it they're still moving stones. I think folks are still getting them somewhere. Wouldn't be surprised if the Demons and the Prelates were connected by the same agency. We should determine the name of this agency and reveal it to the Demons and Prelates, prove they are being pitted against each other for the pure benefit of competition instead of working together.



    We let them fight it out, and take bets.

    Also- we have business to discuss. Send one of your goons to meet with me. I like that barbarian. It true he punched that elfs husband?

    We've stopped taking fingers temporarily from the Cobbler Demons until you give the order. Their hideaways will not be ravaged by the Golden Guard until this grace period has concluded.

    In the meantime, pressure is on the Prelates.