Character Names!

  • Since we have a thread for GameSpy/Forum names, let's do one for characters we've played!


    Michard Lyonson / First name was random generated, last came from Edana, a Bresk faction member who he was a sibling to.

    Xenthym Kane / First name came from Koko who named her after one of her OCs, last name from the WWE wrestler.

    Rienna Rosewood / First name came from modifying the first name of the BattleTech character Ranna Kerensky, last from the character Billy Rosewood in Beverly Hills Cop.

    Marissa Thorne / First name random generated, last name from the Red Dragon boss in Pools of Darkness.


    Selena Vogel / First name from Catwoman, last name from the Gargoyles character Preston Vogel.

    Angela Karnstein / First just liked the sound, last from Carmilla Karnstein in the eponymous vampire story predating Bram Stoker's Dracula.

    Carmilla Tarasth / First from the same source as above, last picked by Koririn.


    Ariel Mikain / First from Disney's Little Mermaid, last from Sierra Mikain, a vampire in Suikoden 2.

    Shauna Atreides / First from Shauna Vayne, League of Legends champion, last from Jowy Atreides from Suikoden 2 (who yes, the series took that last name from the Dune source)

    Laya Delaqua / First from the Phantasy Star character Laya, last from Marjory Delaqua

    Claudia Belmont / First from a close friend of mine, last from the Belmonts of Castlevania.

  • Tobin Sett - V3: Tobin Bell is the actor who played Jigsaw in the Saw films, always loved the name. Sett was the god of death or something, and I was playing a necromancer..

    I normally flit between Tobin and Tomas as first names (the second a different spelling of my own name) and use a variety of surnames, some of my favourites:

    Lusk: George Lusk was one of the suspects in the Jack the Ripper case

    Koeseph: A play on Kossoff, the surname of the guitarist in the rock band Free

    Vhekt: Just sounded horrid, and fitted the character.

    Bhast: Stolen from an EFU NPC

    Mharet: A play on Mahrez, a player for Leicester City (I just liked the name)

  • Admin [DM]

    Ronya Smith - Based of Ronja Rövardotter, then I named her Smith cause it was a common name. I wanted a average, bland, ranger who didn't stand out.

    Erihnienia Realan - NwN generated elf name with a few added characters

    Cliff Diver - Generic NwN generated name, don't recall her name since she lasted 10 hours.

    Carnelian Tourmaline aka "Gems" - Since she was a forest gnome, I just named her after two common gems. Hence her nickname, but she gave herself that nickname 😛

    Freya - I believe Savn helped me pick it. But it was based of the nordic goddess Freja, whose chariot was drawn by two cats, since Freya was a weretiger it was a nice connections. She didn't have a lastname, cause she was a bastard child of House Wyvernspur.

  • Philip Randles: My own name, I'm not creative and said "fuck it".

    Loic Ehagra: @Vagabond3103 to thank for this. The amazing name of Low Orbit Ion Cannon. Fucking beautiful.

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