To Benjamin Barkley [Given to Claeryss for delivery]

  • [Claeryss was called to the Militia Tower and, when she shows up, is asked to take a letter to Ben]

    Benjamin Barkley,
    This issue of the amulet has been resolved with Uthraad. As such, you are no longer a wanted man and no longer required to pay restitution, but you are being charged for the petty crime of theft. I understand that you followed your morals, but doing so comes with a cost and that cost is 300 lyons.

    You have 24 hours to make payment to a Militia member or to deposit the money at the Militia Tower.

    Private Ysolt Agenta

    [Stamped with an official City Militia Seal, but below is a note]

    In the future, try using your words to solve problems before stealing things and inciting violence. People don't know they've done wrong and don't have a chance to do right if you give them no freedom to do so. You may not have locked him physically, but you still stole his chance to freely choose the good path. - Ysolt

  • *Claeryss had delivered the note, dutifully as a Life Partner, and merry as a friend - happy that she hadn't had to compromise either role. The news were delivered with breakfast and only after the herbalist/alchemist/mind-fiddler had spiked the man's orange juice with calming goodies. *