Letter: Yuri the Godless

  • [A copy of the below flyer's folded and stuffed inside a crisp envelope along with a short missive.]

    Faithless Yuri,

    I may be able to offer you the path to what you seek, but these boons don't come cheaply and you'll need to expend effort to achieve your goal. Nobody can hand it to you freely.

    Arrive at the World Serpent's mouth after The Butcher reminds the city of his bounties and follow the red woman inside.


    @solarfall said in Wanted - Mage or Seer.:

    [Found in the grubbier areas of town, some make their way into the Citadel]

    Seeking an arcanist or otherwise to explore the unlocking of power within a man’s soul.

    Can expect live experimentation subjects, undisturbed workplace and good pay.

    • Yuri Mharet the Godless