House Tammarast

  • [The following is sent by a runner from Old Town]

    Our doors are open to your men should you feel the desire to vent violently against the swelling masses of filth parading around Old Town. A halfling, of the Guilded Gents, has decided he rules the roost and has started issuing codes for men to live by.

    A halfling.

    Fifty gold for each man who beats down an elf, dwarf, halfling or halforc and brings me their weapon. There is ale, whisky, gin or rum in it for those who would like a tot of Cormyrian courage before engaging in a little blood and thunder.

    The salt-of-the-earth men and woman who live and die there must know they are not forgotten in the mire of rotten gangs who have set up on our corners.

    Leave your noble colours at home, the common man has no coat of arms, and simply ply your trade alongside the Brotherhood of the Archprelates and sing their praises as you work.

    Our keep can be spotted easily, simply look for the heads of orcs and drow impaled on our ramparts.

    • Yuri Mharet, the Godless

  • The old town boy is threatened harshly by House Guards about bringing letters from raving mad men before them.

  • [When he returns the small boy is beaten for failing the cause of man. Tough love]