Interviews at Maleen's Spire

  • [Private Ysolt Argenta asks the barkeeper, the maid staff, Myron O'Connor, and the Militia who were on duty about the reported attack on Myron O'Connor at the insult competition. She tries to avoid leading questions, but below are the responses she expects.]

    • Was there an attack? (Yes)
    • Who was attacked? (Myron O'Connor)
    • Who requested the attack? (Finn the halfling)
    • Who acted on the attack? (The names or the descriptions of two people)
    • Were any other damages caused? (a door was broken, cleaning up)

    // Unless someone has a distinctly different story, I just need to know who corroborates it, who (if anyone) is unwilling to sign the statement they gave, or who (if anyone) is unwilling to make a statement.