Letter: The Companions of the Palid Mask, City Morgue

  • Companions,
    An old threat has once more risen. Lord Manzahar, the foul necromancer of Clar Banda, has once more returned to haunt and plague the realm. Few have the courage to fight him. I do. However, I do not posses even a fraction of the power he does. Thus I pen this missive, for your help to even the odds.
    Test my conviction to see him stopped if you must. Set me a task, pass me rumors of an artifact that could help me, or teach me what I must know, so that I may stand a living chance.
    The man consumed the soul of a dragon or dragon spirit of the Swamps. Unless you yourselves wish to fight him, enable me to do it.

    The man is a threat to the well being of the people. Help me, and I shall ensure The Council of Lord Hawklin hears of your assistance, or whatever other favor you will ask of me. Just help me balance the scales, and give me a chance to fight this monster. Whether it means travelling through the Realm of Jergal, travelling to the bottom of an ancient crypt, or otherwise risking limb and life to stand a chance.

    Elestra Thundersword

  • Admin [DM]

    Dark scribbled words are sent as reply... dread foreboding etched upon sheepskin cloth

    “War comes.”

    The Pallid Mask

  • "War comes" was a bit more vague than I could have hoped for, companions.
    If you intend to handle it yourselves, so be it. But even then, consider my letter still.

    Elestra Thundersword