The Golden Guard

  • I believe I met one of yours yesterday. Gale, was it? Charming woman, very subtle with her insults. Thunder Dragons sounded like bowel movements? Yes, very charming indeed.

    I will hire you to reclaim my home for me. I don't care if you use a golden tongue or a golden sword to do it. I will need you to kill things for me, but if you can find diplomatic solutions to take what I want, I don't see an issue with it.

    I'm sure you've already received other offers. As the Lord of Old Town- you know I'll beat them.

    Stop by at my Estate with a contract ready for signing, so we can get to business.
    Lord Bhaliir

  • the letter is received, and after much time, a boy is sent to the Bhaliir estate, letter in hand

    Ibrahim and myself will need to agree on a mutually beneficial contract.

    Currently we have three large offers we are discussing.

    Send for then Golden Guard when your schedule clears up.

    A Lords time is not one we would see wasted.