Selling - Various

  • [Found mainly in Downtown and Old Town, some make their way into the Citadel..]

    Various wares from the vaults of the Archprelates - donations shall go to aiding the untighting of the vice-like grip of the divine over the city:

    Leather Gloves ((+1 DEX, 5% Magic Vunerability))
    Tiger Tooth Amulet ((+4 AC vs Animal & Beast, Bonus Feat: Alertness, +1 DEX, Dominate Animal 1 Use / Day))
    Obsidian Earing ((Rogue only + 2 Hide and MS))
    Protective Ring ((+1 AC))
    Magic Amulet ((12 SR))
    Rusty Dagger ((Rogue, Wizard. +1 AB, 2 Magical Damage))
    Searing Light scroll
    99 Fire Bullets ((1d4 Fire))
    Boots ((+1 CON))
    Longbow ((+1 DEX, +3 Reflex))
    Beholder Eye Stalk
    Iron Ring ((5% Piercing and Bludgonig Immunity’s))
    Jar of Maggots ((2 uses IoM lvl 5))
    Assorted caps and Stones

    • Yuri Mharet.

  • [Updated]

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