The Golden Guard

  • Let’s talk about your offer, there is plenty of work to be done keeping Old Town safe, free from the crushing oppression of the Gods and sorts.

    I’ll sign up, I don’t need any pay - just assurance you’ll act when called upon and needed.

    • Yuri Mharet the Godless

  • Yuri,

    We can talk, but you will be the one called upon.

    If you want to hire us, we can discuss pricing in person.

    If you wish to join us, sure. But I think we need to get into the companies desires.

    Those being coin, gold, and lyons.


  • As mentioned I have plenty of gold to spend in the right places. The Archprelates have a desire to expand and see peace on the streets, free of the oppressive fear driven grasp of the divine -

    I would advise, however, against parading yourself around by Old Town promoting the idea you will put criminals down “by the sword”

    In the eyes of many you are a Citadal-born institution, and as such you will not be welcomed with open arms - least of all by me.

    There needs to be an agreement reached, and I am sure we can strike one.

    We need to talk in person, come by the Archprelate barracks and we can do so.

    • Yuri.