The Militia

  • I come with an offering, a deal for you.

    The landscape of Old Town has chopped and changed of late, and with the rise of the Archprelates the tide ebbs and flows once more.

    We want little more than stability, the removal of everything crooked and twisted that holds back the development of mankind, and for humanity to prosper.

    When we prosper the city prospers.

    Send a representative to the Grinning Goat when “Lady Mandrake” is sent for and see if we can strike an accord. An eye for an eye.

    • Yuri Mharet

  • Tyche's city will not strike an accord with those who malign the Gods and threaten the faithful.

    • Private Ysolt Argenta

  • @solarfall

    We will hear on the deal you bring forth.

    Private Ysolt,
    Meet with the man and let's hear what they have to offer.

    Sergeant Snyden