Gilded Gents & Associates

  • We heard from Crazy Perry you're after our aid. Our best smith Tolvid of Clan Dolsberg has become depressed since the rediscovery of the ancient forge of Rose Gold... Since he hasn't yet been able to work it. The dwarves are held up in Thunderholme and we piss on them and their ways.

    You get us some Rose Gold and Tolvid might be willing to help you out.

    • Clan Dolsberg

  • *With gold to cross the palm of one of Mamma's many Boys, instructions to buy a round to the next beardless dwarf that enters Shylock's.
    A drink, for Clan Dolsberg, and this letter:


    Hope your pint found you well. Courtesy of the fold, you see, for sticking to the Code.
    Our Gentlemen shall get your smith his Rose Gold. You'll heard from us soon.


    alt text