Old Town Code - Redux

  • No halfling or his band of miscreants dictate law and order around these parts, likewise those pandering to the whinging, whining demands of prophets of gods.

    Paint no mark upon your door, and fear not if the "Beastlord" comes to you with his spoils for man aids man without demand of tithe and prayer. Come and lay your empty cup and plate at the door of the Archprelates and we shall see you fed and watered without demand of gold, silver and blood

    When mankind throws off it's shackles, it prospers.

  • Admin [DM]

    Many Archprelates vocally refuse to abide by the “old town code” asserting they (the gilded gents) are pawns of the citadel

  • Archprelates can be seen in regular brawls in the streets with members of the Kneecappers as a result of their refusal of the Gilded Gents code.