To: Tempest, Blacksmith

  • Storyteller [DM]


    I've recently commissioned the beginnings of a magical staff from a friend of mine. We've had to use inferior components for the sake of expediency, since our original plans didn't work out like we hoped. However, it was my thinking that some of the efficiency lost this way might be gained back by banding.

    How much would it cost to create seven silver banding rings, to gird the staff around? The wood is yew. I don't know if that changes anything. We were trying to get our hands on ironwood. I'll try to get my hands on some silver - celestial silver if I can - but can you work with the metal in this way? Do you know anyone who could? I found you off the board postings.

    Thanks in advance,

    -Prowl, Mage.

  • I will find you in person so I can get a better look at this staff you speak of, then I'll tell you if it's something I can do.