The Old Town Code - In Effect

  • The Old Town district is now under the protection of the Gilded Gents of Arabel. Hereby the Code of the Knights of the Post is to be looked upon, for anyone willing to break it, may suffer from its consequences from this day on.

    The Oldtown Code

    • No animation of Undeath, Infernalism or alliance with known infernalists will be tolerated;
    • No smuggling or trading of anything that hurts folks: Slave trading, Bloodstones, Bleakstones, Infernal Stones included;
    • No kidnappings or muggings of decent folk permitted;
    • No harming, stealing, borrowing from women, children and folks that are helping other folks;
    • The Ilmatari shrine, Momma Alley and Shylocks are Cynosure and should be left neutral and alone;

    If any of you become victim of someone's tyranny or evil in the Oldtown, leave word at the Shylocks, Grinning Goat, Spire of Maleen to any member of the Gilded Gents.
    We will see whoever is harming or breaking these rules punished.

    King Cassiel

  • Some, but not most, of these posters are pissed on or vandalized by a drunken man who locals can easily identify as a very intoxicated Honest Jack. On one he writes:

    We will see whoever is harming or breaking these rules punished.
    Yeah, unless he's stronger than us, then we don't do shit while we watch Old Towners being harassed by necromancers in the open street

  • [Goes about reading it.]

    ”Oh for fucks sake, Jack.”

  • [These posters kept up and proeminent all over Old Town.]

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