A letter to Lord Winter

  • Gracious Lord Winter,

    I hope you are well and pray that by the blessing of the Morninglord, the rays of dawn have already cured you of your illness. While you have been recovering -dark storms are rising in the North I fear- and there are numerous matters that I must now discuss with you, as one lord to another.

    I will be visiting your beautifull home more frequently from now own to court for your ear, and with me will be a most plentiful donation of meat to share with your people. Alas, in this time when the beastlords chosen have decided to curse our people for the folly of adventurers, we must do our best to care for the commonfolk and share the plentiful harvest.


    • Lord Foril Bhaliir

  • Soon enough, as promised, a lord and a lady alongside their retinue enter the Winter Estate, wishing the very best of health to Lord Winter with a gift of meat for herself and her people in this time of need.

    alt text

  • The day after, the lord once again returns with a gift to the People of Eveningstar- A massive shipment of bear meat(25 chunks of meat), to feed the people in this time of shortage in food.

    alt text

  • the people of Eveningstar are getting very fat since they already had lots of food, but they truly are appreciative (though slightly suspicious still) of Lord Bhaliir's generosity, many wondering openly what his motivation is around the unmarried Lord Winter

  • Gracious Lord Winter,

    I've heard the dreadful news. How this meeting with a wanted fugitive was allowed to happen, is beyond me. I will get to the bottom of this- but for now, I ask that you find the time to rest- and recover. I will have a healer and a mage from my battalion stop by and ensure you are well.

    Be assured, I will find the man Esolen- and have him and his accomplices hanged for this outrageous deed.

    Lord Bhaliir

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