• Storyteller [DM]

    I was chatting it up with Lannister earlier.

    The spell reagent system feels very hit and miss right now, and though some things seem to make sense, other things are a little less obvious. I'm sure that things make sense IC to our characters, but I'm sure that many people lack the OOC knowledge required to find some of the more obscure spell components.

    Would it be possible to roll a secret spellcraft check, that might give you an "this X could be a spell component..." message or something like that on pickup? You don't have to say which spell, but it might help clearing out my (and everyone else's) inventory of random junk to know which things might possibly be spell components so we can hold on to them.

  • Admin [DM]

    We're moving away from an alteration system in v6, so this (likely) won't be happening.

  • Can you tell us some more about this, Spiffy? Will they be just spells that you select upon level up? No more discoveries?

  • Yup! They will be moved to your spellbooks!

  • Well... I'm kind of disappointed to hear that.

  • Admin [DM]

    Current way is buggy and not terribly intuitive AronFF. I wish we could do a proper spell research system but it's really better this way.

  • But there were plans to do a better one, no?
    Research notes was the word around town.

    It feels so much worth it when you figure out new spells. Now all of them will be available? 😕

  • Not to mention there are some nice, strong ones. Will they be just nerfed or deleted?

  • If they needed to be nerfed, they needed to be nerfed regardless. There was only an opportunity cost, so to speak, to get the better reagents. You, yourself, got the spider gland after three trips down with me - I don't know how many you did with others.

    By opening up the spellbooks like this, you are still only limited to the two you get every level as a wizard. There will be a lot more spells to trade and collect! And sorcerers will have access to these same spells (since the kits will probably be removed until Moloch decides how he's going to give sorcs perks to put them on par with wizards) to build their bloodline.

  • More documentation would also be lovely. I feel that alot of this knowledge is only held by a few handfuls of players, and yes, it is possible for a newbie to learn all this, but it takes a lot of effort

  • Experimenting makes a wizard feel a wizard. They are -at least some of them- supposed to be scholars. The way how magic is advanced is supposed to be a scholary experience.

    The trial-by-error method is annyoing, costs a lot, and very taxing in time, I can tell you that. Yes, I was lucky with spider gland. I need like 1--2 more already... 🙂
    And it took me like a month or two from getting the information, which you might not be aware, because it took my silly self a while to ask for your help.

  • If you want to have an active hand in V6, feel free to volunteer to help!

    There's currently a replacement system for both alterations and the way reagents work being discussed, can't really pitch it in here because as mentioned above... It's being discussed...