Arabels Council Present: The Storm of Swords!

  • The Council of Arabel announces,


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    With our proud soldiers battling Loross, The Council calls upon the finest magicians, warriors and would be knights, to identity the future champions of Arabel, who can defend the populace in these dire times! Represent your organization, yourself, or take the banner of a noble house, church or cause!


    • Potential Sponsorship of any noble house, church, or organization in the region
    • Weapon of your choice, crafted by the best smiths in the region
    • Magical items from the coffers of Cormyrs noble houses
    • A chance of knighthood should you prove your valor!
    • Your story and legacy forever immortalized by being penned to paper!

    Rise from the ashes, and show your worth to Hawklins Council!

    The tournament shall be two folded;
    A mighty tournament, infront of the very elite of Northern Cormyr!
    One to show your courage by taking down a mighty beast

    What you need to do to participate!

    • Sign up for the tournament, by leaving your mark, The name of whatever cause you wish to champion, Church you wish to represent, or Organization or House you wish to fight for the honor of, and mark it with either one, two or three "swords", to signal your strength and prowess.
    • (( --|- = Sword. 1, 2 or three show roughly your "power level", so we can keep the tournament open for ALL levels, classes, builds etc.))
    • Keep a keen eye on the local bulletin boards, for information of a time, rules and further information.

    On behalf of Hawklins Council

  • Rules

    The Hunt of the Beast

    • For the next tenday, you are to hunt the most gruesome monster, rarest beast, or greatest danger to the city. Claim a trophy to prove your kill, as well as the names of the witnesses to your grand deed. The most who take part in destroying the beast, the more mouths can tell of your grand feat!
    • Bring the trophy, and the names of witnesses with you to the grand tournament, and the populace and Council shall select the most daring show of talent, courage and prowess.
      ((Grab either a dropped trophy, or shoot me a PM with a screenshot of your kill.))

    Rules of the Tournament of Swords
    During the next tenday, tournaments will be held in the Spire of Maleen, and the Arena of Old Town. Non magic weapons only. To balance the tournament, magic can be used to even the odds, depending on the “sword” rank. Win a battle, and claim the “broken” sword of your combatant.

    • Use any means beyond invisibility during each fight.
    • Magic used prior to the start of the fight will be considered cheating.
    • Honorable conduct expected.

    On the final day of the tournament, the number of broken swords gained during the week, will help you advance in the tournament.
    ((In short, the more victories you gain during the week, will improve your chances greatly.))

  • ((Placeholder for time))

  • Sign up list

    • Bernard Huxley, fighting for himself


    • Yuri Mharet, fighting for The glory of Mankind
    • Elestra Thundersword, On behalf of House Thundersword


  • I, Bernard Huxley sign up for the Tournament of Swords. I presume sword 3 is the highest 'Power level' so I am a sword 3.

    I fight for myself.

  • Find me a priest to break and I shall gladly sign up, an additional 2,000 coins shall be added to the purse if someone brings me the broken blade of any god-follower.

    I will be fighting for the virtues of mankind.

    • Yuri Mharet

  • I sign up Grag Rissa and Magnus Heimirsson on behalf of the Pack. Put them in 3 swords, both of them


  • Builders Guild

    --|- --|- --|-
    Finn, Gilded Gents of Arabel.

  • One sword.

    Yurin Kegjaw

  • Kept fresh

  • kept fresh

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