Missive: Gilded Guard

  • Hey Esolen/Ibrahim,

    How are things going? I've been hearing you guys have put a boot up the Cobbled Demon's arse, good work. Make sure to keep us informed on the progress and how many, and the names of the ones you are employing, so we can prepare the coffers to pay them as well.

    Appearantly the Cobbled Demons are aligning themselves with the Archprelates, so you guys should take a look at them as well.

    If you need any help from one of the Gents, just send us a heads up. We'll be around to help you deal with those.


  • Another sealed envelope is sent.

    Due to recent activity, there is a plan in works to move a "few" folks around. You'll know when we make the announcement. In the meantime, please keep your eyes out for any suspicious activity in old town. We have good reason to suspect there may be mind controlled thralls that try to infiltrate the area.

    -The Beggar

    alt text

  • B., and F.,

    We have a list of members you can observe with your copy of the contract. I'll find one of you later.

    As for these "thralls" i'm not one for tricks nor subtlety.

    You hired us to do away with threats, mind controlled or not, we'll do away with them.


  • This post is deleted!

  • Any updates for us, boys? Going to need all evidence you have on bloodstones, bleakstones. ((Screenshots))


  • A delivery of bloodstones will be delivered on the morrow.

    Was hoping to sell them to that Elestra lass, but you'll do just fine.

    We plan on hitting the Archprelates -hard- this weekend. Having trouble finding a big enough canvas sack for all the heads.

    Update you again soon.


    //was busy this week, screenies are for the patient!//

  • Alrighty, keep us posted and stay safe.


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