[A Gilded Missive to House Bhaliir.]

  • We fought so hard to bring peace, and less than a week you brought your personal war to our streets.
    For each death in Old Town caused by your lust for vengeance, a death in your house shall happen.

    Break the deal, pay the price. Break the code, handle the consequences.

    King Cassiel

  • This war was never personal. They've always been there, waiting, preparing. Ever since they first appeared during the civil war have we knew of this threat- yet done nothing.

    If you think this development will make any difference in their plan, then you do not understand our enemy. If this threat is real, then it has always been real, no matter the trivial development of today.

    We fought for peace- and WE WILL KEEP ON FIGHTING. For we are the protectorate of the downtrodden- the paragons of Humanity. Through our blood and sacrifice, is Arabel kept safe. If you seek to end our lives, then you fight for the enemy, and not for Arabel.

    Know your history. Do not threaten me again.