[A note left at the Dwarven Embassy.]

  • Greetings in the name of Moradin and the Morndinsamman,

    My name is Hraltuc of Clan Eisiden, Warforged, and priest of Moradin. I and Freya Farthow, Priestess of Berronar have made it our purpose in Arabel to find the Paragon and assist in the shepherding of the children of the Morndinsamman in the traditions of our people, to secure the growth of our clans and Thunderholme.

    We would ask for a singular boon at this time. That we are allowed to make use of the Embassy's bunks and storage, to rest and prepare for our searches. To counsel those dwarves who seek aid, to work our crafts and host meetings among our allies.

    We do not claim the titles of Ambassador, and we do not at this time represent our respective churches. However, we can offer coin for the maintenance of the premises, until such a time as we have earned those positions.

    Forge Well.

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