[Announcements from Hraltuc Eisiden, Sonnlinor]

  • ****Manlings, Hin, Children of the Mornidsamman. Many among ye know that the Mornidsamman wage war within the heavens. That even now they clash in divine battle with the Grumsh and the Grummar, swift and brutal, yet timeless to us mortals. To honor Moradin and the Mornidsamman in this conflict, the following shall be done:

    • list itemIn three days time and every seventh day following until the end of Alturiak, I will be leading warbands to the Stormhorns and Thunderpeaks to slaughter Orcs, Giants, Goblins, and Goblinkin.

    • list itemA competition is announced, with a bounty of fifteen thousand golden lyons, for the one who can kill the most Orcs, Giants, Goblins, and Goblinkin. Prospective warriors must prove their worth before they will be considered competitors.

    • list item The search for the Paragon has been announced. The Stonecall is felt in the heart of every Dwarf. To find the Paragon, I will be searching from the Depths of the Underdark to the highest peaks of the mountains. Mapmakers, Trailblazers, and guides will be paid significant amounts of coin to lead me along the paths of the land.

    So it has been said, so must it be done. Find or write to Hraltuc Eisiden with questions or to announce your interest. Tuskers and snouts nay need to apply.****

  • Standing Bounties of Hraltuc Eisiden:

    • Twenty Five gold will be offered for Iron ore nuggets.

    • One hundred gold will be offered for Silver Ore nuggets.

    • Two hundred coin and Fifty will be offered for Netherese Alloy

    All other alloys will be considered on a case by case basis.
    Myrkandite and Celestial Silver are currently especially sought.

    Contact Hraltuc Eisiden.