[A letter left at Shylocks for the "Gilded Gents".]

  • [The letter is written in a blocky script, left in Shylocks with Roger and a few coin.]

    Lads, Lasses, i'm looking to meet with you. Heard a bit of delayed word that there's openings in the Underdark for folk who ain't afraid to get work done. I'm looking to make a name for mineself, and I reckon this be a good as opportunity as anything else.

    Send for me.

    -Hraltuc of Clan Eisiden, Priest of Moradin.

  • Greetings, priest of the All-Father,

    The Guilded Gents are indeed always looking for good sword-arms... Or axe-or-hammer-arms, as in this case may be. Now in the Underdark, the opportunity we offer is that of regular hunts - for a coven of Beholders, and the glory and wealth that its take-down would bring.
    Plus, if such is relevant to you, you'd be helping an untold greater good.

    If you wish a more longitudinal, constant engagement with our guild, priest, we are also hiring tough men to help us uphold our code within Old Town, and slowly draw the remaining gangs into our fold or crushing them should they insist on breaking the rules, which are as follow:

    • No animation of Undeath, Infernalism or alliance with known infernalists will be tolerated;
    • No smuggling or trading of anything that hurts folks: Slave trading, Bloodstones, Bleakstones, Infernal Stones included;
    • No kidnappings or muggings of decent folk permitted;
    • No harming, stealing, borrowing from women, children and folks that are helping other folks;
    • The Ilmatari shrine, Momma Alley and Shylocks are Cynosure and should be left neutral and alone;

    Should you find either of these causes worth fighting for, I can assure you that much glory can be found along the way. We will send a representative for you at the Grinning Goat. Be there in the afternoons, play a game of darts. You'll be approached.


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