Letter: Count Manzahar the Archmage, Shylocks

  • Lord Manzahar,
    I shall not dishonor you by penning this missive to your former alias, for we both know that you are amongst the blue blooded of Cormyr, and deserve the respect of such.

    Unlike the common folk beneath us, I know this missive will be given the consideration it is due. For if we, who set the example of our lessers cannot rise above their pettiness, Who shall?

    You hold to a leash my paramour, Lord Foril Bhaliir. You did not kill him, for to do so would spill blood, far too costly for our great nation to see wasted. I invite you to sit with me, and discuss the matter and what you really want. In short, you have my attention. I hear the World Serpent is a good place for a parlay. Name the time, and we shall meet and discuss your terms for lifting the curse, in a manner befitting two of noble birth.

    Elestra Thundersword

  • Lady Thundersword,
    Whenever you so wish to meet, I will come.

    The benefits of the Undying is that time's horrific shackles have been broken.

    Lord-Count-Priest Thraesus Manzahar