• Storyteller [DM]


    Seems like Deriza's dead. Got anything else for me to mull on?


  • Prowl,

    Do you have proof she is dead?

    We must find the spark of Divinity. Whatever idea you have to find it, get on it. We can talk more in person on the matter.

    -- Daxx

  • Storyteller [DM]

    I do have an idea but it's going to be hard to swallow for the City.

    You might like it, though. Coltsbury would have. Probably.

    I need a fully realized Philosopher's stone, something like a divine item of mystra, and a few guards because we are going to be taking a trip and it is going to be ridiculously dangerous.


    P.S. we might be pissing off a god or some spirits or possibly both but we can find the thing before the beholders do if we risk it.

    P.p.s. I promise it won't be illegal it's just hijacking an ancient artifact created by something old and powerful. I'm good at this. Trust me.

  • Which god or spirit might you piss of?

    There is a priestess of Mystra, or at least a follower of the goddess in town. Perhaps she can assist with the divine item. Are you an alchemist? If not, Ophirae is the best one I know. We can see with her to get a stone made if you cannot see to it yourself.

    Gathering a team for a venture should not be too hard if you give me a heads up on when you want to do this. Few good friends about and if they are busy, plenty of mercs to hire.

    -- Daxx