Missive: Roland Rashmore

  • Hello Roland,

    We had the pleasure of meeting earlier in an unfortunate circunstance. I've happened across your bulletins and thought I'd write. There are plenty of opportunity to work with us at the Gilded Gents. Plenty of targets we need to track and aprehend. I'd like you to meet one of our numbers and talk about possibilities of employment with us.

    For example, right now we are targeting a gang called the Cobbled Demons, known to have made pacts with demons themselves, enslave people, torture and cause a whole lot of bad stuff in Old Town.

    Anyway, if you are interested in getting to know more, find us.


  • As long as you pay.

    I don't do shit for free.


  • Find one of our numbers, you'll see that we are very generous on our dealings.