Missive: The Cobbled Circle

  • Greetings to the Cobbled Circle!

    The Gilded Gents have acquired a gem of great value to the land. We think the Cobbled Circle would be able to best use it in the name of improving the Decaying District.

    We want to know that you will use its powers to the aid of the people. I have studied the Hanse tree that is local to the area. As far as I can tell, the rot that is eating away at it has made it to the tree's roots...which were strong enough to network into the sewers.

    This seems like a complicated issue that we need a circle's manpower to handle. We will get the materials required, whatever you need, but we need you to purify the tree. We will gather water from the old Island of Hanse, as well as the healing waters of the Underdark. I will bring you a white stag - that's the freshest you're going to get. I'll even bring you the head of a local Yurtrus cult, if you want to shift the disease into him. But we need you to handle the actual cleansing.

    If this is successful, we will move onto larger projects. Running yew roots beneath the streets to turn the area into an anti-outsider zone and weaken the Cobble Demons. Freeing bottled fey to aid in our fight for freedom. You will have the Gem of Earth, to use as you see fit for the benefit of the people.

    Initiate Jon, Circle of the Verdant Lord

    The Gilded Gents of Arabel

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