To: Ben of Shaundakul

  • Storyteller [DM]

    The following letter is delivered by a small black cat:


    I need you to keep an eye in your travels for a somewhat larger than normal fox, white on its belly, used to be well groomed and taken after. It should know common tongue and might be skittish. I don't think I could approach it because of the cloak.

    You have a druid friend who turns into a dog sometimes. Could you ask him if he knows of this fox? It's special, and arcane. It would be hard to miss.

    I also need all the portal words you can spare and I will continue to make donations to your church from my profits if you can help me with the project.


  • [He hands the note over to the Pit Sergeant in person, it includes the gifts of portal stones, a feather and a purple candle, decorated with ornate gold colored patterns, but whether or not these reach the pit...]


    Consider me confused, but, I'll keep an eye out, and I'll get Jon on it too. If you don't mind me asking... what's the importance of the fox? You've really piqued my interest here.

    As for the portal words, I've included a copy of my sheet. Keep it close to your chest, but please, spread the words among others as needed- Spread His teachings, and show those wanting the path.

    Stay well,

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Another Meowmail arrives:

    Think of it as the magical portal fox. Treat it nicely. Whatever you do don't scare it, hurt it, frighten it - treat it like the whole portal system depends on the life of this fox because for all I know it probably does.

    It's complicated. Find the fox. Don't tell anyone else why. Make up some creative lie like it's a druid in disguise or something and then give it a treat and INFORM ME IMMEDIATELY.