Flesh to Stone effects and Warforged

  • Should this spell work on Constructs at all?

    It's sort of awkward when I am petrified when I don't have any flesh- Or do we rule that the spell works more like a ___ to Stone spell? What about petrification in general?

    How does this work at all on something like a Warforged, if they don't have an immunity? I'm more curious how I explain it to people than anything.

  • As far as I can tell flesh to stone works on constructs as well as elementals (none of which have flesh)
    So until THAT gets addressed, nothing wrong with it working on warforged.

  • Well, personally I'd like it changed so it only worked on flesh, but!

    Spells are named by wizards, not god's.

    Flesh to stone could just be what the wizard(s) who worked it out called it, without learning what it affected, right? Or it could have become called that over time, irrelevant of its direct actual ability.

    I mean, I don't like that idea myself as I like obvious explainations, but it's a viable reason.

  • Admin [DM]

    You can be petrified and flesh to stoned. Just say, "Metal to Stone"

  • Admin [DM]

    Call the spell petrify. Problem solved.