*note to Finn*

  • @Gumba

    @gumba said in Powerful Dagger for Sale!:


    [Handles the poster to Daxx.]

    Guess we have a lead on her... Now her name is Hagmatha the Kindly, can you believe this shit?


    Be thinking she is trying to lure you. Maraduk did mention you'd make good bait.

    -- Daxx

  • Well, how do we do this? I’d play bait if in the end we exterminated the wailing fog coven.


  • You mentioned she keeps taking you. We need the means to find you when she does. Prowl might figure something out about that. Ask her if she can help.

    Else we go find the coven the old fashion way.

    Know anyone who could go see about the dagger and not get mind warped by the witch's magic? Maybe they can make a deal to come by the dagger in a specific place or something.

    Lets figure this out.

    -- Daxx

  • Alright, waiting on you to tell me how to dance.


  • I need to scout out the Hullack concerning the Spark. We can kill two birds with one stone and look for that no good wife of yours also.

    Gather some friends. Make ready for thralls and beholders just in case.

    -- Daxx

    //This evening (GMT -5) when I get back from work! Will try to catch you IG//