Letter: Claeryss

  • Storyteller [DM]


    I wish to speak with you about a project I am working on that your skill at enchantment magics would be a great help with

    Seeker Ampharen, Church of Gond

  • *After her morning routine of collecting correspondence at the Grinning Goat and at the Skyspire Inn, from all the people that don't know her mailing address, a quick reply is penned and left for the man at the Skyspire Inn. The letter is penned by a practiced hand, likely by a professional amanuensis, with a feminine calligraphy. *

    Seeker Ampharen,

    I will hear what you have to say - from dusk to dawn I research the ways of the mind for many projects, but my first and foremost priority has always been to seek the well-being of my mentally-affected brother. Such is my specialty. To enter a mind, to see inside and hear it... And then to find a ways to speak to it.
    In similar matters, and other arcane curiosities, you can always approach me or my colleagues of the Mages' Guild for support.

    Please make a sending for me when you're available,